Water Damage Restoration in Brownsboro, Athens, or Tyler, TX

Water Damage Restoration in Brownsboro, Athens, or Tyler, TX

Complete, professional water damage restoration services

Shelton’s Complete Restoration works tirelessly to return your home to its original condition. We have the resources to complete a full water damage restoration, including drying and dehumidifying equipment. With our advanced tools and our emphasis on immediate action, we can salvage your house before the water damage becomes too severe.

If you leave sitting water in your home, it can do a lot worse than just leaving a stain. Water can ruin your house’s insulation and cause wood rot throughout the walls and foundation.

Call us today for water damage restoration in Brownsboro, Athens or Tyler, TX so you can prevent water in your home from causing any more problems.

Do you need water damage restoration services?

Untreated water damage can lead to mold growth and structural damage. To figure out if you need a water damage restoration at your home in Brownsboro, TX, look for these signs:

  • Water stains on the walls, ceilings or window and door frames
  • Warping or buckling floors, especially in the basement
  • Corrosion, leaks or water stains around pipes

Once water damage is identified, contact us at 903-574-0947. We’ll restore your property to its former glory in no time.